The Seaside

We are just back from a week in our favourite place on earth.  You may think I am referring to one of the seven wonders of the world, no, have been to those places (well a few of them) and while they were worth visiting,  nothing compares to our little gem in the south-west of England.  I am not revealing the name of the town, you find your own place of happiness.

We have been visiting this spot since 1983, our daughter was just three years old then.  Strange, the sun seemed to shine everyday, no rain (we are used to rain in these parts) just blue skies and fluffy white pillow shaped clouds.

We my husband and I used to sit on the beach watching our little girl playing in the sand.  She had a little red bucket and spade.  I remember well she would nag her father to help her make sand castles.  They would spend hours on end perfecting Kind Arthur’s Castle with moat included, only to find that tide was due in and wash it all away, we never seemed to have a camera on hand to record their fabulous accomplishments, far too busy creating their masterpiece.  I remember our daughter asking me ” why can’t you keep the water away until we are finished Mama?”  Children think us parents can do the impossible, I used to say “you can’t keep the tide as bay darling” that would be impossible, we can make it again tomorrow.  Those words always seemed to cheer her up! “There is always tomorrow”.

In those days we used to go to Mass, we are catholic you see.  On our first visit to mass the priest would welcome all visitors to his parish that week – when I think back he would look at each and every face to see who were the visitors – that was nice but, as mass finished and you were about to leave the priest was waiting at the exit to shake every parishioners and indeed visitors hand, I firmly believe that priest never had to cook a meal as he would invite himself to visitors holiday homes for a meal while they visited HIS parish.  We were one of those unfortunate families.

Later on that evening, around 7p.m. the parish priest knocked on our holiday home, we were staying in a seaside cottage he was on time, I had said 7p.m. and he was “bang on the button” as they say.  In those days I was quite religious and having a priest visit was very important,  how innocent were we.  We opened our home to him and he joined us for a meal.  I don’t quite remember what I cooked but it seemed to be appreciated.

Looking back now after all these years, I do believe the priest was a lonely man and would accept an invitation anywhere, and if no invitation, would invite himself.  Would you blame him really, I don’t! after all, his parish was very small with very few families so he would be living a very lonely life, I am glad we “broke bread together”.

Those holidays in our favourite place is as enjoyable today as was in the eighties when our daughter was a child.  I am looking forward to our next visit.


To a Child Dancing in the Wind … Written by W.B.Yeats

DANCE there upon the shore;
What need have you to care
For wind or water’s roar?
And tumble out your hair
That the salt drops have wet;
Being young you have not known
The fool’s triumph, nor yet
Love lost as soon as won,
Nor the best labourer dead
And all the sheaves to bind.
What need have you to dread
The monstrous crying of wind?


More than a Safe

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

When I look at the above picture I immediately wonder how it came to be in this place and end up in this condition, if this safe could write, what would it say..

I knew better days, I can assure you.  I was placed in a wonderful showroom on display for all to see.  I held prime position amongst all the other safety units.  None of them could compare to me,  I was purpose build to hold dangerous rifles.  Just think about that for one moment.  A safe,  purpose built to keep dangerous hands and minds off dangerous rifles, one shot! and the target could end up dead, I was on a mission, I am ore than just a safety rifle cabinet, I am a cabinet with a mind, MY mind.

Okay!  now that you know my purpose in a customers life, and you know that I rate highly amongst my fellow safes, I will continue with my story.  I stood there in that showroom looking good.  People would stop dead in the tracks and check me out, I had class, I had strength, I could do the job, I was safe, I am a safe.

One day – my third day on the floor – two dodgy looking characters strolled up to me and started playing with my fitments.  I am not sure why,  but I felt uncomfortable.  The bearded man said to the other “what do you think Paddy, would this piece of metal be big enough to hold the property! or would we need something larger and more secure?”  I thought WHAT! something more secure than me, Never! I am the best.  These men looked at my price tag and shouted to one of the nice girls who dusted me each day “how much is this cabinet here?” My favourite attendee Margo,  approached the two men and said “is the price not on the tag? let me have a look there.Margo took hold of my tag and read the information thereon.  The price is on it, can’t you see?  the bearded man replied ” yes yes I see what is on the tag but, I want to order a quantity so can you give me a better , I will pay cash okay?  Margo thought to herself “what the hell would these guys want with more than one of ME.  Margo replied, “Gentlemen, there is only one of this cabinet, only one was made, and there will never be another.”  The two men look at one another and ask Margo, “why only one manufactured?” it is a simple cabinet designed to house rifles is it not?”.  Margo looks at the two men as if they had just arrived from Mars”, she replies ” Excuse me! this is not just a cabinet, this is one of a kind. I told you that.   Nobody will ever be able to crack the lock on this cabinet unless you give them the information and I do mean that gentlemen”. Okay!, Okay! you haven’t given us the price yet?  Gentlemen please listen to me, this cabinet has been on display for three maybe more days and many have tried to purchase it but, for one reason or another the cabinet  seems to have a mind of it’s own, I know that sounds crazy but it’s true.  If this cabinet does not want to go with you, there is no way you can take this cabinet no matter what you offer for it.  The two men look at one another yet again this time they have that look in their eyes “this young woman is absolutely off her trolley”.  Okay miss, the bald man inquires just so as they get the story straight “you have only one cabinet and there is not another to be bought?” correct, Margo replies, and the man continues with his questioning, ” we can only have this cabinet if IT wants to come with us?  Margo replies, “yes, now you got it” a mind of it’s own.

I think Margo managed to confuse the two dodgy characters so much they just scratched their heads and walked away.  I wonder if they will come back.  In the meantime the Rifle cabinet extraordinaire still holds the top spot amongst the safety cabinets.  You never thought metal cabinets could possess a mind of their own now, did you?

The moral of the story is, things are never how they appear to be, think on..

Almost loving you

Tonight I almost loved you

When the bitter winds were still

And a stream of better times

Came to melt the chill

As I thought of what we once had

In the age of golden years

Then slipped into old emotions

That filled my heart with tears

With the love I still remember

As one may cherish treasures

Beyond the bitter winds

Where the streams of many pleasures

Once thrived with hopes and dreams

That weren’t made to last

Yet tonight I almost loved you

And returned to days of past